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Hot, tormented alpha heroes. Strong, self-willed heroines. Deadly intrigues and struggles for power. And sizzling romance guaranteed to keep you up at night…

My steamy historical fantasy romance immerses you in dark and passionate fairy tales, where death and everlasting love are never far apart.

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Dream away with these steamy stories of forbidden love and deadly intrigue.

What Readers Say

I loved this story! Viviette is brilliant and determined and doesn’t suddenly revert to a clueless, timid child when it comes to sex.  Jaghar is… whew! I may have swooned a few times!


Advance reader of Velvet

Gahhhh I’m dying! This was an amazing read! Deliciously steamy romance, secrets and intrigues, hidden passages and one bloody hot hero… Can’t wait for part 2!


Advance reader of Velvet

About Lisette

Lisette Marshall

Lisette Marshall is a librarian by day and a writer of erotic fantasy romance by night. She combines a lifelong love for fairytales, mystery novels and sexy adventures in her steamy historical fantasy romances. The Princess & The Spy, an erotic fairytale trilogyis her first work to be published.

When Lisette isn’t dreaming about gorgeous heroes and sensual heroines, she can usually be found reading about weird history, playing the violin or baking way too many chocolate cookies for herself and her boyfriend.

liSette marShall

Author of The Princess & The Spy 

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