fae iSleS

Bestselling epic fae fantasy romance. Colour magic and warring courts. An alliance of magical peoples fighting for freedom, and dark, steamy romance that may change the course of history. The Fae Isles series will consist of four books (and a full length prequel).

  • Heart of Silk and Shadows (prequel)
  • Court of Blood and Bindings (Book 1)
  • Lord of Gold and Glory (Book 2)
  • Ruins of Sea and Souls (Book 3)
  • Queens of Mist and Madness (Book 4)

wAyfarer fAe

Regency-flavoured fae fantasy romance with a dollop of Dutch Golden Age. Five standalone romances, one over-arching plot. The full Wayfarer Fae series will consist of five books and one companion novella.

  • Curse of the Thorn King (Book 1)
  • Lies of the Ink Mage (upcoming, Book 2)

fiVe KingdomS

Steamy medieval fantasy romance. Court intrigue and murder mysteries.¬† And an epic struggle between empires at the heart of it all… The Five Kingdoms series consists of two interconnected trilogies and some standalone stories, including:

  • The Princess & The Spy
  • The Queen & The Assassin
  • The Spinster & The Thief

Short StorieS
& anthologieS

Various standalone stories taking place in other worlds, published either independently or in multi-author anthologies. Include:

  • The Bleeding Key (in Fractured Folklore)
  • The Diamond Scar (in Fierce Hearts)
  • Upcoming Rapunzel retelling (in Once Upon A Forbidden Desire)
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