Five Kingdoms

Below you find all my  books taking place in the dangerous, passionate world of the Five Kingdoms!

 The different trilogies can be read in any order, but later trilogies may contain minor spoilers for earlier series. If you prefer to avoid all spoilers, I recommend reading them in the chronological order, which is how they’re listed below. 

The Princess & The Spy

She despises his coldness. He loathes her prying questions. But when a powerful empire threatens war on their kingdom, the princess and the spy have no choice but to work together…

The queen & The assassin

She must die for him to live. But when a faceless threat forces them to work together,
sizzling hate turns into something far more dangerous…

bonus stories

Looking for more Five Kingdoms content? These bonus novellas are free for my mailing list subscribers. Sign up with the buttons below the books!

Standalone novella taking place before
The Princess & The Spy. No spoilers.

The Princess & The Spy – Part 1.5.
Contains spoilers for Velvet.


Free Edge of the World story
Coming in 2022

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