Heart of Silk and Shadows

heaRt of Silk and ShadowS

Stealing from a fae lord is a desperate plan…

As a human servant at the Crimson Court, Allie knows better than to anger the fae. Cunning and politics are her tools of survival. But when an unwanted suitor threatens her younger sister, Allie can think of only one way to protect her family…

Steal from the fae.

Agenor, Lord Protector of the Fae Isles and right hand of the Mother herself, doesn’t expect anything to still surprise him after twelve centuries of life. Finding a taunting note from an anonymous thief in his wardrobe is enough to rouse his curiosity, though. Enough to do the unthinkable – write back.

Then he finds out he’s been exchanging letters with a humble human. Worse, a human challenging him to his face.

A simple bargain is supposed to teach her a lesson. But the harder he tries to put her in her place, the harder she defies him… Soon their game sparks an unexpected romance – but will even love be enough when their loyalties collide?

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