Writing sex scenes: 21 other words for “vagina”

The word vagina probably hasn’t been sexy since Ancient Roman times (when – surprise – it actually was a rather scandalous term). So if you’re a romance author who regularly features female characters doing naughty things, you’ll need to find some other words for “vagina” to use! Don’t worry, there’s enough to choose from.

Writing sex scenes: 25 other words for “penis”

So. Let’s talk about dicks. If you’re a steamy romance writer, you probably won’t get around mentioning them every now and then (unless you’re writing f/f romance, of course!) The problem: nobody likes the word “penis”. It’s so clinical and – in my opinion – terribly unsexy. So what else are you supposed to call […]

Writing love? 6 ways to make your romance convincing!

If you’re writing about love, it is absolutely essential that you can immerse readers in your romance. If you can’t convey the feelings between your characters – well, then what do you have left? Unfortunately, writing a convincing romance isn’t the easiest thing. I’ve always been a fanatic romance reader. When I started writing romance, […]

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