20 Medieval insults: From bedswerver to yaldson

A few days ago I realized that my characters were being woefully unimaginative with their insults – nothing more creative than “bastard” and “fool”. A shame, because Medieval insults can get a lot more creative!  So for educative purposes (okay, okay, and for my own amusement too): here’s a helpful list on how to offend people […]

Writing sex scenes: 21 other words for “vagina”

The word vagina probably hasn’t been sexy since Ancient Roman times (when – surprise – it actually was a rather scandalous term). So if you’re a romance author who regularly features female characters doing naughty things, you’ll need to find some other words for “vagina” to use! Don’t worry, there’s enough to choose from.

Writing sex scenes: 25 other words for “penis”

So. Let’s talk about dicks. If you’re a steamy romance writer, you probably won’t get around mentioning them every now and then (unless you’re writing f/f romance, of course!) The problem: nobody likes the word “penis”. It’s so clinical and – in my opinion – terribly unsexy. So what else are you supposed to call […]

Fainting and poisons: the Regency beauty ideal

Beauty is pain, they say. Regency women, unfortunately, were expected to take that saying very literally…  Even though a “natural” look was theoretically all the rage, most women decided to help nature a hand. And in order to satisfy the Regency beauty ideal, pain or even slow poisoning were considered rather acceptable costs.

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